The Woman in Purple (rainbow_goddess) wrote,
The Woman in Purple

I am so good at losing things!

Some time ago, I hid my Sandisk Sansa four-gig MP3 player so that the cats couldn't get to it. The reason for this is that Calli-cat has this lovely habit of chewing up headphone cords and other things that resemble string. She has destroyed a few pairs of headphones as well as the lanyard (neck strap) for my MP3 player. (And the Sansa website doesn't sell replacement neck straps, damnit. They sell armbands instead.)

Anyway, I apparently have hidden the MP3 player so well, I can't find it! I've looked in drawers and cupboards and around the computer, and no luck.

I have two other perfectly good MP3 players with less storage space (a one-gig Sansa player and a two-gig Creative Zen player), but I had no headphones, so I bought a cheap pair of headphones at the grocery store. Unfortunately, they are very uncomfortable headphones and I dislike them intensely.

My missing Sansa MP3 player must be somewhere, but I have no idea where. I've even looked in the damn refrigerator in case I put it there while in low-blood-sugar fog at some point, but it's not there.

Of course, once I find it, assuming I do, it will have to be recharged before I can use it again. Sigh.

Edit: Found it! Not in the fridge, on top of the fridge. But it was buried under a few other things and shoved way at the back beneath the cupboard, so it was not obvious at a quick glance. And the battery isn't dead!
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