January 8th, 2012

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Six-year-old boy to be prosecuted for playing doctor

Six-year-old Wisconsin boy to be prosecuted for playing doctor with five-year-old girl

The mother of the girl left them alone and came back to find them with their clothes off. She called a social worker, whom she happens to be related to, and they made such a big deal over it that the boy is now going to be prosecuted for sexual assault. (He has a developmental disability, too.) The mother and father of the girl are political big shots in their town. While nothing would happen to the boy right now, if he is convicted his name would be placed on a sex-offender registry as soon as he turns 18.

Introduction post for newcomers to my journal

I thought I should do a quick intro for those I've added recently, and even those added not so recently who might now know all my info.

Cast of characters:

Me. I'm 46 years old. I was diagnosed with Type 1 aka juvenile diabetes at age five. I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome and non-verbal learning disability when I was 35. I work on a seasonal basis as a transcriber and editor.

My parents. My Mum passed away from Alzheimer's Disease in 2009. My Dad passed away in June 2013. I have one brother and one sister, both older. Brother is a control freak who bosses around his younger siblings and our Dad. Sister is five years older than I am and we fought a lot when we were growing up but now we're really close friends. I communicate with both of them mainly through Facebook (my brother) and Twitter (my sister.)

My nieces and nephews: Two of each. One nephew has ADHD and possibly undiagnosed Asperger's and is very, very bright even though he never finished school. One niece has non-verbal learning disability and an unspecified developmental delay that makes her act a bit younger than her actual age. She got her high school diploma through high-school equivalency courses at the local community college. Other niece and nephew are pretty much certified geniuses.

My friends: victoriacatlady and jenfer47 are my oldest real-life friends. I also have friends that I know through work and sometimes mention here: Amy, Aaron, Glenn, Anne, Dan and Emily. Amy lives close by and we take turns kitty-sitting each other's cats if either of us goes out of town.

My boyfriend/partner/significant other: I call him Monster, but his name is actually John. We've been together for 16 years. He also works a seasonal job. His job is as a tax preparer. We don't live together but he's here about half the time anyway. He says we can't live together until my housekeeping abilities improve, but I rather like living alone half the time anyway. He's also a computer networking technician and plays around with NetBSD. He's obsessed with money and capitalism, which causes a bit of tension between us as I am more along the socialist part of the political spectrum.

My cats. There are four of them right now. Chaya is a shorthaired black-and-white girl who is seven years old. Inky is a black shorthaired girl kitty who is just over a year old. In December '14 I adopted a calico mama kitty (around a year old) and her tortie kitten from Cats Cradle animal rescue. Calli was my 16-year-old tortoiseshell who passed away in June 2014. Rosebud was a dilute tortie rescue kitty from the animal shelter whom I adopted in the summer of 2012 and had to euthanize in the summer of 2013 because she had cancer. In September of 2011 I had to euthanize Poupée, my grey Persian rescue kitty, also because of cancer.

My weekend

The weather on Saturday was lousy, so I did not geocaching. I stayed in most of the day and participated in an Aspie Party on Twitter. (An Aspie Party is simply a bunch of Aspies Tweeting while using the hashtag #AspieParty.) I did that for most of the day, sitting on the couch with my laptop, (because using the desktop has unfortunately been aggravating the neck pain from my whiplash) which made the cats happy.

I watched the Canucks beat the Bruins and then half-watched "The Sexiest Videos of All Time" on MuchMore Music. Their idea of sexy videos was, basically, a bunch of mainly rap videos featuring half-naked women, plus one video that featured a completely naked man. You didn't actually see his dangly bits, but the camera every so often moved just slightly below his waist so that you could see he wasn't wearing anything.

The workers were working right at the end of my hallway, which meant that all their equipment would have been preventing me from going anywhere, so I stayed home until five o'clock, when they were finished working, and then did my grocery shopping. The staircase that is right by my apartment was blocked off, which meant I had to leave my groceries at the bottom of the stairs at the OTHER end of the building and make three trips to carry them from there to my apartment.

Now I'm home alone and bored again.

Мои твиты

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Frustrated over not being able to write

Having been home alone all day and very bored, I thought I'd like to do some writing, either fanfic or blog entries for my Aspie blog, or both. The problem is that I can't think of anything to write for either of them.

I have been unable to write fanfiction for quite some time now. On Friday night I went through my hard drive looking for unfinished stories to see if I could finish them, but some of them have been contradicted by canon in their respective shows since I started to write them -- either that, or they're unfinished for the simple reason that I don't know how to finish them.

Every so often I have what seem like great ideas for stories, but I can't think of how to end them. Writing something without an ending in mind is just asking for another unfinished fic to sit on my hard drive with the rest of the unfinished fics. In the past I've started writing stories assuming that once I'd written enough, I'd have an ending in mind. Sadly, it doesn't usually happen that way.