June 8th, 2015


Being neighbourly to smokers

Since I moved to the trailer park last summer I have become quite friendly with a couple who live across the road. They helped me rescue an injured bird last year, and they are Doctor Who fans, which I like.

A couple of weeks ago my next-door neighbour passed away unexpectedly. Her son and his wife/girlfriend are going to move in to her trailer once they fix it up. They held a garage sale, and I bought some furniture from them (a wardrobe cupboard, two nightstands [one for me and one for Monster] and a dresser). They invited me in to see what the house looks like and I discovered that it is identical to mine except that mine has some additions on it. They seem to be quite nice.

Anyway, the point of this is that I want to be friendly with my neighbours, and I own a barbecue (though it needs to be fixed and I am waiting for a piece to arrive.) I thought I might invite the neighbours over for a barbecue. However, there is one difficulty: all of them are smokers. I have asthma and I cannot be around cigarette smoke. What do I do -- ask them to go back home to smoke and then come back?
cat clock

Today was "traumatize the cats day."

A couple of weeks ago my next-door neighbour in the trailer park, Cindy, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly, probably of a diabetes-related issue. (Her obituary said she had passed away after "a long illness of diabetes" and asked for donations to the Diabetes Association.) Her son and his wife have inherited her home and have decided to move into it, but first they want to get rid of Cindy's stuff, including her furniture. I bought a set of her bedroom furniture: two night tables, a dresser with mirror, and a wardrobe cupboard. Today I got the furniture moved over from next door because there is a thief somewhere in the area who has been stealing stuff like lawn ornaments and other things that people leave in their yards (they're repainting inside the trailer, and there's no chance of rain for the foreseeable future, so a lot of the stuff was left in the carport and the backyard.)

Alas for the cats, I had just finished giving them their regular does of Advantage flea control. Katniss and Jubilee were fine with it, but Chaya and Inky absolutely hate Advantage and were very angry with me and Monster for forcing it on them. Then Monster went and brought in a strange human with new furniture and they had to keep shooing curious kitties away from the door while they were bringing stuff in. Again, Katniss and Jubilee were mostly okay (although Katniss got grabbed by her tail to prevent her from escaping out the front door), but Inky and Chaya were upset by the strange goings-on, especially since Monster and I had been moving things around in order to clear a path to have the stuff brought in and stored in the spare bedroom.

Unfortunately, even though it is a lovely dresser, I have nowhere to put the dresser. It's a wide dresser instead of a straight up-and-down dresser like the ones I currently use. There is nowhere to put the dresser in my bedroom. If I put it along one wall, it blocks access to my closet. Another wall, it blocks access to the ensuite bathroom. Another wall, it blocks access to my office. My original plan was to sell it along with the headboard that came with the set (too big for my bed), but Monster wants me to keep it because it's better than the dressers I have currently. I don't want to sell it that badly, but it's either sell it or leave it in the spare bedroom and then have to go to the other end of the house to get my clothes. Monster says the dresser can be for guests who stay in my spare room. It's rather big for that, and I am not sure I have room for guests in my spare room because the spare room has become junk storage since my house is one of the few in the trailer park that doesn't have a shed.

Monster said, "At least keep the stuff for a while before you decide what to do with all of it." I'm fine with that, as there may be other stuff I will eventually post on Craigslist and/or Used Victoria, like my old TV and my old dishwasher. I advised the soon-to-be new neighbours to do the same with the furniture they want to sell, but they stuck a leather armchair in the driveway with a sign on it that said, "Leather couch and chair, $200 or best offer," and then somebody stole the chair while the neighbours were painting inside the house.