June 25th, 2015



After avoiding it for years, I finally subscribed to Netflix. I still have mixed feelings about it, as I'm afraid I won't use it enough to justify the monthly payment, but I'll wait and see how it goes. I joined mainly to watch "Sense8."

It's hard to explain exactly what Sense8 is. It's not exactly sci-fi, but that may be the closest genre. There are eight people who suddenly discover they are connected, and they can experience what each other is going through. For example, one person is in England and the other is in Kenya, but they are able to stand and talk to each other as if they are in each other's places. This comes in handy when the man in Kenya is attacked by gangsters and is able to draw on the strengths of another of his cluster, a kickboxer in Korea, to take out the gangsters. But sometimes it's more subtle. For example, a woman in India is eating a sweet bread pudding sort of dessert, while another woman in San Francisco is drinking coffee, and just for a moment the woman drinking coffee can taste the other woman's dessert.

Now, I would watch the show even if it were just about Nomi and Amanita. Nomi is a transgender woman in a relationship with a cisgender woman played by Freema Agyeman. Nomi is having a lot of problems from her family; her mother continues to call her by her former male name and is able to get her put in a hospital because she supposedly needs brain surgery.

I also like the gay couple Lito and Fernando. Lito is an actor, and he's trying to prevent anyone finding out he's gay, because he's a romantic lead. He's been trying to deceive Daniela, the woman he's been using as a beard, but she finds out and just barges into his life and shows no sign of leaving. She also has a rather scary ex-boyfriend to deal with.

Other character include Capheus, a bus driver in Kenya trying to earn money for his mother's AIDS medicine; Sun, a Korean woman who works for her family's company and does kickboxing at night; Kala, an Indian woman who is engaged to marry a co-worker (the boss's son, I think) but who doesn't really love him, though her family believes she does (part of her story is that she is Hindu and believes that the god Ganesh is sending her the Sense8 visions); Riley, a DJ from Iceland who lives in London and whose story still confuses me; Wolfgang, a German safecracker; and Will, a Chicago cop.

I encourage my friends to watch it, but you will have to pay very close attention because the first episode especially is very confusing and you may have to watch it more than once. If you don't have Netflix you can get it free for a month. There are 12 episodes, so you should be able to get through the entire series at least once -- depending, of course, on what else you have taking up your time. I was going to watch it on my tablet, because my computer is pretty close to being toast, but then I discovered that the TV I bought at the Boxing Day sale at Future Shop comes with buttons for Netflix built in to the remote.