The Woman in Purple (rainbow_goddess) wrote,
The Woman in Purple

I should put things where I can find them again

When I bought my digital video camera it came with software. However, the software was a mini-CD, which did not work in either of my computers, as they both had vertical CD/DVD drives and the disc just fell out. Now, though, my new computer has horizontal drives and I should be able to use that disc -- if I could find it. I can't find it.

A week or two ago I purchased a copy of the latest version of Nero 10 because I'd installed Nero 9 on my secondary computer and I can't use it on both computers. Now that my new computer is up and running, I want to install Nero 10, but I can't find it, either.

I have a very much overdue library book that I also cannot find.
Tags: losing things

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