The Woman in Purple (rainbow_goddess) wrote,
The Woman in Purple

My weekend

The weather on Saturday was lousy, so I did not geocaching. I stayed in most of the day and participated in an Aspie Party on Twitter. (An Aspie Party is simply a bunch of Aspies Tweeting while using the hashtag #AspieParty.) I did that for most of the day, sitting on the couch with my laptop, (because using the desktop has unfortunately been aggravating the neck pain from my whiplash) which made the cats happy.

I watched the Canucks beat the Bruins and then half-watched "The Sexiest Videos of All Time" on MuchMore Music. Their idea of sexy videos was, basically, a bunch of mainly rap videos featuring half-naked women, plus one video that featured a completely naked man. You didn't actually see his dangly bits, but the camera every so often moved just slightly below his waist so that you could see he wasn't wearing anything.

The workers were working right at the end of my hallway, which meant that all their equipment would have been preventing me from going anywhere, so I stayed home until five o'clock, when they were finished working, and then did my grocery shopping. The staircase that is right by my apartment was blocked off, which meant I had to leave my groceries at the bottom of the stairs at the OTHER end of the building and make three trips to carry them from there to my apartment.

Now I'm home alone and bored again.

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