The Woman in Purple (rainbow_goddess) wrote,
The Woman in Purple

Cons and Cosplay

I have only ever been to one sci-fi con in my life, and that was 14 years ago. I didn't dress up for it. It wasn't a great con, though it certainly wasn't a bad one. It didn't have any really big-name guests, but the fact that we had any at all was a big thing. I went to see Richard Hatch, from 1970s-era Battlestar Galactica, and Alexandra Tydings from Hercules and Xena.

This year there's going to be another con in Victoria. It's on Halloween weekend. It's called If Con. Richard Hatch is going to be in it again. It also has Gil Gerard from Buck Rogers and Claudia Christian from Babylon 5. Claudia Christian would be my main reason for going this time. There's going to be a panel on "classic" SF versus modern-day remakes. The panel will feature Claudia Christian, Richard Hatch, and an actor from the original Addams Family TV series. I'd really, really like to hear Claudia Christian speak on her own, though. I bought her autobiography a few months ago and read all about her struggle with alcoholism. Back when I went to my first con in 2001, Alex Tydings said she was going to be making a buddy–time travel series with Claudia Christian, and I looked forward to it (figuring femslash potential) and then nothing ever came of it. Turned out that Claudia allowed her then-boyfriend to manage her career and he was very, very bad at it. He scuttled the TV series because nobody wanted to work with Claudia due to his bad behaviour.

Anyway, since the con is on Halloween, I would like to try cosplay. However, I haven't a clue what a fat forty-something woman would cosplay as. I don't want to be any of the Doctors, and most of the companions don't have distinctive costumes. Also none of the companions are fat forty-somethings. I read in one blog that one of the few character options for women over 40 is Molly Weasley, and other than being a ginger I have no idea how one would dress as Molly Weasley since I haven't seen the Harry Potter movies.

Somebody suggested I just dress up in purple and don't go for a specific character. Going with the purple theme, I discovered a comic book character called, alternately, Purple Girl, Purple Woman and Persuasion. She is the daughter of Purple Man and has the power of persuasion. She ran away from her father, came to Canada, abducted Northstar and then joined Alpha Flight. I can't find many pictures of her, but basically she has purple skin and big boobs. She doesn't appear to have any specific costume, though. I don't know how I would colour my skin purple, and I don't know how many people would have heard of Purple Girl/Woman/Persuasion.

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