The Woman in Purple (rainbow_goddess) wrote,
The Woman in Purple

UPS sucks

A few days ago I ordered an item from Think Geek: a set of Star Trek garden gnomes.

Today I was at home alone and I decided to go out and spray some weeds with vinegar (to find out whether vinegar kills weeds or not.) My neighbour said, "What did you get from UPS? It looked like a big box!" I looked around my front door and saw no boxes, but then I found a note stuck to the door saying "Sorry we missed you. We will try again next business day." WTF? I have been home all day; either they didn't knock at all or they tried the doorbell and it doesn't work.

Anyway, the note says they will try two more times and then return the package to sender. I will not be home at all next week until next Saturday. However, the card said I can sign up for an account and change my delivery options. So I went on the website and signed up for an account, and they said they will send me a confirmation. I have to then go back to the website and enter the confirmation on the website.

However, the confirmation is being sent snail-mail and won't arrive for five days -- three days after the package will be sent back to Think Geek.

There is a UPS pick up station two blocks away from me, and this place is open on weekends. So I got on the phone (yeah, I made a phone call, imagine that) and asked them to send it to their pickup depot. They said, "Okay, we will send that to (place on other side of town that is not open weekends.)" As I said, I am at work from Monday to Friday. I cannot go to a place on the other side of town that is open from nine to five when I work from ten in the morning till nine at night.

I again asked if I could pick it up at the closer pickup point.

"No, you can't," they said.

Why not?

"You just can't," they said.


"Because we are UPS and we say so."

Well, let me explain something to you. I am at work from Monday to Friday. I cannot be here when my package is delivered, nor can I go out to the other end of town.

"We'd be happy to deliver the package to your workplace!"

No, that is not an option. (We have specifically been told that we can't receive mail or packages or any other kind of delivery at work.)

"Well, like I said, we can send it to a pickup depot. It will go to our main depot at (other end of town that I cannot get to because I will be at work.)"

"And like I keep telling you, I can't go there because I WILL BE AT WORK. I can't be at home. I can't go to your depot. I can go to the pickup location at Admirals Walk on Saturdays and Sundays."

"And like we keep telling you, the package is not marked for that location and we can't send it there. It's not allowed." (They won't give me any good reason to not send it to my closest pickup location other than "because we say so.")

"Let me speak to your supervisor." I figured that somebody higher-up would have the authority to redirect the shipment to my desired location.

"I can do that," said the UPS person, "but that won't change anything. We all work from the same system."

I waited on hold for close to 20 minutes and got no supervisor. I went back to the same customer service rep (who by now was probably completely sick of me) and finally got her to agree to not attempt to re-deliver the package until Monster can be at my house on Wednesday. Unfortunately, I had to pay a fee for that, but at least it's better than not getting my package at all.

Think Geek was very nice when I contacted them to tell them of the problem with UPS, but they tell me they have no other option for delivery to Canada, so I guess I will not ordering from them again. (The good thing is that most of the stuff sold by Think Geek eventually winds up being sold at HMV stores in Victoria -- at least, the Doctor Who stuff does. Not sure about Star Trek stuff.)

I went to the UPS website and looked for a "contact us" link. Alas, the link allows for only 500 characters in an e-mail, and no options for snail-mail. I wrote them a short e-mail to tell them that I had a bad experience with their customer service that is too long to explain in 500 characters and to please let me know of a way to contact them to explain it.

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