The Woman in Purple (rainbow_goddess) wrote,
The Woman in Purple

I felt the earth move

Last night I was binge-watching season 1 of "The Librarians." It was just after 11:30 p.m. Chaya Kitty was curled up on my lap, Inky Kitty was on the back of the couch behind me, and I don't know where Jubilee and Katniss were.

All of a sudden, I heard a loud "BANG!" and the house shook briefly. I was wondering what the heck the people next door were doing this late at night. (They're remodeling the house next door, and one morning I woke up to discover they were dragging an oil tank behind their pickup truck.) Then the house shook again, for a longer period of time. The Christmas lights on the windows rattled. I pretty much gathered that we were having an earthquake, and I tried to grab on to Chaya Kitty for security, but Chaya was having none of it. She jumped off my lap and ran for cover. (I probably should have done that, too, but I don't have any appropriate cover in the living room, and I don't think I'd have been able to stay upright if I'd tried to walk into the kitchen.)

Anyway, earthquake was not very long, but it was scary. I've never felt one in my mobile home before. Last few earthquakes I've felt were on the middle floor of an apartment building, which is a lot more solid than my mobile home.

Once the shaking stopped, I went and stroked Inky and gave her a kiss. Chaya reappeared, and I scooped her up and gave her a hug. I called Katniss and Jubilee, who came right to me for hugs too. After I had ascertained that the four cats were okay, I did a quick eyeball of my house. No books had fallen off shelves, no pictures off the walls. The Christmas tree didn't even tip over.

I went online and checked Twitter and Facebook for reports, and then my phone started buzzing. I have an app called "Geo News" that came with my phone. It monitors my area for reports of severe weather and seismic activity, and it wanted to tell me about the earthquake. It reported a magnitude of 5.8 and that it was centred about 20 kilometres from me. Then it asked me if I was okay and whether I needed emergency services. I told it I was fine and didn't need any help.

Eventually I went back to watching the show I had been in the middle of when the shaking started. Then I went to my computer and went to the website of the federal government earthquake monitoring agency so that I could record my experience of the earthquake. I stayed up till almost two in the morning because I was still quite anxious about the quake. Unfortunately, none of the cats came to sleep with me, which is very unusual, because I often have three of my four in bed with me.
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