The Woman in Purple (rainbow_goddess) wrote,
The Woman in Purple

The Force Awakens

Having finally seen The Force Awakens, almost a month after the rest of the world, I have some thoughts.

BB-8 is incredibly cute. I don't know why I keep assigning male genders to droids, but I think of BB-8 as a "he." I kept worrying when he fell behind any of the people he was with and worried he'd be separated from them.

Harrison Ford obviously shows his age, and he's still very attractive. I would have liked more scenes of him and Carrie Fisher together. Well, more scenes of Han and Leia together. I refuse to believe that he's dead. If Poe can be alive, then Han can be alive. When I saw that bridge, I knew that somebody was going to fall off it. That's why they have those bridges in movies.

Hello, Poe Dameron. Helloooo. Yowza. Where have you been all my life, Oscar Isaac? Apparently in a show I've never seen since I don't get HBO. I can has Poe/Fin slash now, plz? Oscar Isaac seems to consider Poe/Fin to be part of his headcanon, but I don't think we'll have any same-sex relationships in a Disney-owned movie.

I would consider writing Poe/Fin slash, but I may have to see the movie more than once. But I don't want to spend the admission price just to see the two characters when they have so little screen time together. I also worry that Poe will be killed off for real in one of the next installments. I haven't seen the prequels, and it's been decades since I saw the original trilogy, so I may not know enough about Star Wars canon. I'm a Trekker. I don't dislike Star Wars, but I'm not a whatever-the-term-is for Star Wars fans.

Kylo Ren. His real name is "Ben." I wonder if he was named after Ben Kenobi. I think he looks more like an emo kid than a supervillian when he's not wearing a mask. I want to smack him for breaking his mother's heart. By the way, she is General Leia, not Princess Leia.

I like Rey. Speculation is that she is Luke Sykwalker's daughter, but then who is her mother? I think it would be cool if she were Ren/Ben's twin sister, separated at birth, though that would be copying the original trilogy too much, probably. Also makes you wonder how exactly Leia and Han wouldn't be aware of it.

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