The Woman in Purple (rainbow_goddess) wrote,
The Woman in Purple

I hate this time of year

I turned down work because I don't want to have to calculate the complicated formula they gave us to try to determine how much money I have to report to employment insurance. I said I'd go back to work when the full-time work starts, rather than working a half day here and a half day there and then trying to calculate my earnings so that I don't get nasty letters from the government telling me that I misreported my earnings. However, having turned down work means that I basically have no social life to speak of, and I'm bored. The weather isn't nice enough to go geocaching or take my bike out for a very rare ride.

I am getting rather tired of and bored with my autism group. The same people always come, and they're all ten to 20 years younger than I am. We have nothing in common besides autism, and that's not enough to build a friendship on. Unfortunately, it's become a bit too cliquey, and it's hard to welcome new people to the group. One time, a new person came, and I wanted to talk to him to welcome him to the group, but I was too occupied by the regular group members and couldn't get away from them. I should have just said something like, "Talk amongst yourselves while I talk to this new person."

I would so much like to meet an autistic woman or two my own age, but it appears that very few people my age are diagnosed, and of those few, almost none are women. I sometimes think it's a minor miracle that I was actually diagnosed. It's hard to get women to come to the meetings of the main group because it's almost all male. One woman said she won't come because one of the guys asked her how old she was, and he should know better than to ask women their age. My reponse to that (if I'd said anything) would be: he's an Aspie, and you expect him to follow unspoken social rules that he is most likely completely unaware of?

I do have a women-only group, but it's hard to find time to meet. I can't afford to take more than one night a month away from work for my main group, so we meet on Saturdays, but meeting on Saturdays means taking time away from Monster, and Monster time is scarce when I'm working full-time.

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